This is why I am committed to doing what I do:

Many people I encounter confess to having 'issues' about their body.
Whether its a desire to slim down, beef up, have larger breasts, have smaller breasts,
have a thinner noseor slimmer ankles, have the stretch marks removed or a tattoo obliterated,
very few of my sitters arrivewith a complete sense of 'body happiness'.
Some have written to me after seeing the images of themselves
and their comments are what spur me on.

This is what they have said:
(names have been excluded in respect for the privacy of the individuals concerned)

"I firstly want to thank you for making me look so beautifully real,
I don't normally see photos of me so natural. You've inspired me a lot.
After I've seen the pictures I just can't stop thinking of your amazing project.
I keep thinking of different postures to do, and would not mind at all do it nude, as I've realized
that they are very natural"

I went through your galleries, and have to say your work is very appealing. Beautiful work
with the body itself in all condition.The reason why I'm contacting
you is that I work as a freelance photographer/assistant and artist.
I work with a body a lot. My last year project was based on self-portrait with
a comparison of my mum's body portraits. I use a photo-therapy approach.
Using myself as an example as suffering from self-loathing for many years.
Now I keep working on the project, as there are still so many ideas I'd like to express.
I think would be interesting to pose for you as for your project as well as a study case
for me to experience your approach and art within my own views."

"The photographs are fantastic - l really like all of them so thank you very much."

"The photographs are wonderful, it's strange but when I look at them I have to remind myself it's my own body.
You are a wonderful artist and I feel honoured you want to use the photos of me."