If you are interested, this is what I am working on and how it all began:

As a father of 3 daughters and a 'man' passionate about the way 'we' (society) have
created an epidemic of dissatisfaction (at the very least) and self-loathing at the very
worst, I have made it my mission to try to do some small thing towards altering that
balance. Before I read Susie Orbach's new book, Bodies, as a father of 3 daughters I
was acutely aware that no matter how much we (their parents) tried to guide their
relationships they had with their bodies and self-image, peer group pressure and the
prevailing climate of 'self-change' has far greater impact on how they view themselves.
Perhaps it was ever thus, but as Susie so rightly points out in her book (which is a
remarkable, incredibly compassionate and intelligent insight into our human condition)
never before has so much imagery been available to so many - the net effect is to
spread a wave of dissatisfaction around the world generating extreme reactions
wherever the ripples reach.

A year ago I started an organisation called BodyScript after meeting a life model who
at 19 (now 26) suffered severe burns to her legs after falling and knocking herself
unconscious in a faulty shower. Her courage and ability to confront her own changed
body and to find ways of presenting it without shame, inspired me and I made a series
of photographs of Helen at her request. Over a period of time I began photographing
my life models and then began to invite others to partake.

Over a period of time BodyScript evolved as a reaction to the many conversations I had
with people (mostly female) about the dissatisfaction and shame at their bodies.
BodyScript was created to produce art and events that 'celebrate diversity and
difference' through the honest and truthful portrayal of Every-Body. As an artist whose
subject has been the human body I have always loved the extraordinary way our
bodies change with time and record, like a map, our passage through life.

The idea was to create works that widened the debate about what is acceptable and
unacceptable to show in imagery of the human body. I have tried to elevate the stretch
marks, wrinkle, moles and scar to a level of beauty because that is how I see them.
To me they tell a story and I love not loathe them. (That said I am human and vain like
the rest of us and believe me the varicose veins on my leg, I find hard to love). But I
try, and I want to help others to try too, to see themselves differently, to be proud of
the way they are and to celebrate the fact the they inhabit a miraculous 'machine' for
living in. With all its flaws and short-comings it is still miraculous. My first public 'work'
will be a project I have conceived and am in the process of proposing to
Changing Faces - an organisation that support people with
severe facial disfigurement.

It's intended as a public engagement project designed to start a discussion and
hopefully lead to a debate with the public at large about identity, our face and our
innate and inherent beauty prejudice. The project is intended to have people at the
very least leave with a new thought, ugly is a value judgement, only a word and ugly
can be beautiful. Let's change how we think - if we can. And of course the pay-off is a
soft-promotion for Changing Faces - an organisation I passionately support. 

In the meantime I intend to MAP as many human beings as I possibly can

So if you wish to be involved as a contributor, sitter (model) or just get involved
contact me please:


Perfection in imperfection


1. Awareness
Raise awareness of body-image (self-perception) issues through a positive
and honest portrayal of a broad range of people’s bodies
(with a view to addressing problems of self-esteem and low self-image)

2. Debate
Encourage greater and wider understanding of images of the human body
and perpetuate a wider and more positive debate around issues of nudity,
body-image, diversity and difference

3. Celebration
Celebrate the diversity and beauty of the human form through,
Exploration, Discovery, Recording, Display, Publication

4. Knowledge
Develop an online research and education resource that provides the means for individuals
and organisations to address body-image issues through the use of self-imaging, creativity
and art to encourage greater acceptance and understanding of our bodies


We are producing a multi-art form event over a four-week period in a major London art venue
in 2012. Our theme is Body Diversity.

Our mission statement expresses our core values:


In a society obsessed with body type, the criteria for what makes a body beautiful or normal is
constantly scrutinised and debated. Through the ages and across a broad range of cultures,
attitudes towards body types that stray from the norm differ greatly. In some cultures deformity
is sacred, in tribal cultures the extreme disfiguring through body piercing is a sign of status, in the
Western world we are obsessed with celebrities, diets, weight extremes, gym cultures, fashion and
sex, contributing to continuing reservations and complexes about our own body in a never ending
effort to reach the perfect shapes. We will present an alternative point of view to encourage people
to reassess their relationship with their own bodies in relation to themselves and others.

We also aim to draw out numerous aspects of the human being and the relationship between the
physical and the psycho-emotional and the reciprocal consequences upon each other.

It will become an enduring record of work that will reside as a reference point for future
generations as well as providing useful educational tools.

The event will constitute a body of work that records, like a map, a snapshot of the human
continent. This record will illustrate both the physical and psychological dimensions of the
Human Being in the twenty-first century. It will begin with the exploration and celebration of the
human body, recording and presenting as many different body types as possible highlighting and
revealing the extraordinarydifferences and similarities that exist and documenting a wide range of
ethnicities, ages, body types, genders, etc. It will be designed to appeal to and attract as wide an
audience as possible encouraging audience participation, thereby adding to the work in progress.
This will be achieved through the creation of performance and fine art: utilising photography,
painting, film, public integration activities that marry biomedical science/ technology with
fine art commissions.

It will cover a diversity of topics and themes in extraordinary installations and displays:
typologies, permanent damage through illness, accident, torture, disabilities, psychology, sexuality,
birth, aging, death, examining opposites like: ugly: beautiful, normal: abnormal, able: disabled -
through the use of technology, live models and artistic collaboration. I will also be producing and
publishing a book, recording the complete project.

We are fund-rasing at present.
As funds and news become available, they will be posted on the site. As the body of work grows,
it too will be posted on the site. This site will comntinue to evolve during the course of the project
and become an integral part of the overall body of work.

August 2009